Bored Is Come

[PT 1]The beast and his Beast master

1.  The legend, Anxiety And Truth

The legend say the forest called the floating one  was haunted by a strange beast who had red eyes and white bright fur . And the people who come ti that forest never seen again . The village elder say the beast want to search a ancestor of his beast master because he feel loneliness.

One night, one child was missing from the village and his name is Tara , because that all villager was curious , they afraid that was the beast  start kidnaping people of the village. But the elder was thinking different . Because this event is familiar for him he said . “The best is never kidnaping anyone do you remember first beast master history ? , lets wait till 10 years if that child not comeback we all will ask to that beast”

When the village suffer from axienty of that beast will come and destroy their home, Tara continue the journey following a light, a light only Tara can see , the light who bring last Beast master to meet his beast. Once tara come to the beast cave , the beast is so happy because his master is finnallycome.

1 years later  Tara is 8 years old , who can talk with his village language and be only one who can talk with the beast ,But the village wont make it because the elder and Taras family  was passed away today. Many villager was think this the beast work .

2 days later all the villager meet in the town square , Talking about how to remove the beast instead of talking to him . they prepare all man of the village with a sword , bow , and another war equipment and make a giant trap for the beast. In Other side Tara and the beast doing some training. because The Beast know a big wild creature will come towards the village and that was their duty to protect them.

10 month later the village send a spy to peek at The beast teritory. To seek that is that thing doing. but unfortunately the spy never come back, 1 month later the village send another one and that time he was back with no hand and many fears , the spy wont talk and cant stop screaming all the time.  All villager think this the beast work.


Tobe Continued .



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